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Hello friends,

Just like I mentioned, I would like to upload backdated pictures. It was on July 19, 2013.
The event was called MOS (= Masa Orientasi Sekolah). In English, it is School Orientation Time. I managed myself to join the last day. It was a fun day because it was full of games and hiking. For the games, only two teachers were willing to participate: Sir Gab and me. I was in Group 4. Petites etudiants.. Hehehehe..

These are the pictures.
 Up: The students were waiting for their turn
to play in the game.

Right: Me (bwhahaha..) mingled with the
students. I asked them to find "yel". Then one of them proposed: "bisa..bisa..bisa.."
Ok, then I said: "If I say 'Kelompok 4..', you say out loud: 'bisa..bisa..bisa".
They nodded and said, "Got it, Miss.."

 Here was Farrell, in blue and white stripped t-shirt, told his friends what to do.

 Up: Make the "bridge" longer..

Left: Me, checking, the "bridge"

Ohlala, this game reminded me of the game I also joined when I was in high school. It was 30 years ago!!

These two boys had to keep the apple on their foreheads. And they walked to the finish line. So cute..

Why was I so cheerful in cheering them? Hahaha....

In this game, 4 persons were pointed to eat the fruits given on the plate. Joseph chose banana, to eat. Of course, he didn't find any difficulties.

See that, he ate it so fast..

It was Elvina's turn to choose the fruit, and she chose a tomato.. 

Since Farrell knew there were 3 pieces of 'petai', he proposed himself to eat them. He adores petai. Hihihihi...

Look at his expression... Ohlala...

And she chose sweet potato. Well, it was not easy to eat it fast.. Ah, and she peeled the skin of the sweet potato and ate it..

It took quite long to finish this..

                                                     Still much....

And she was the last person. She chose the apple. She ate it quite fast... Good job...

This is the game to transfer the water from the pail to a bottle at the end. Transferring was not that easy, since the media used was the ripped bottle. This bottle should be handed from one person to the next, until the end of the line.

I didn't want to join in the game, because I was afraid I would be wet.. :D

 Up: Look, how serious these boys were.

Right: So wet...

They had to keep the ripped bottle with their palms so that the water wouldn't be out of the holes..

It was Yohanes, at the end of the line. His duty was to get the ripped bottle with the water (hopefully) and pour it to the bigger bottle. Sometimes it was only 50 ml, sometimes only 10 drops.. hahaha..

The point was how they worked together

                                         They were so serious....

This was how he did it at the end.

I tried to cheer him pour every single drop carefully, not to miss any drops..

Here we were, at the end of the game..

The inauguration. Now they are officially students of Terang Bangsa Cirebon. Felicitation...

And Group 4... voila, they won the 5th place, from 8 groups.. Not bad..

                                        They were very happy.

Next, we went to Gua Maria Sawer Rahmat di Desa Cisantana, Cigugur-Kuningan.
I drove my car with 6 students. It took us more than 1 hour. Some of them fell asleep in the car.

From the parking lot to the Maria Statue, we climbed the stairs for almost 1 hour and a half. So far, so tiring..

                     Some of them needed to take a rest for a while.

Look at this picture. It was so high...

                                    They tried to clime every single stair..

I asked them to pose for a while, to unleash the tiredness..

                                     Here they were, climbing the stairs..
                    Can you imagine how the stairs are in the rain?
                                                  For sure, it will be slippery..

We took a rest here, having our own meal.
We were so tired, but the wind blows so nicely. It was a very lovely day.

                    This place is presumed the Calvary.

These were the Junior Students with all the teachers. Can you find me?

These were the Senior students. Can you find me?

Then we went back to Cirebon. We arrived at school around 3 o'clock in the afternoon.
Miss Ina said: "I saw a picture and found there was a student who looked like you. But finally I knew it was you." Hahahhaa.. Am I so young?

Everybody felt happy and was ready to enjoy the new beginning of the school year..

Welcome home, students...

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