Monday, April 28, 2014

Where Are The 6 Mechanics?

Hi pals,

Actually, you learnt preposition of place in Primary school. It should be an easy subject for you. It's about: behind, in, next to, on, in front of, under and between. 
The picture in your book is about 6 mechanics standing and sitting near and in the car. You just need to position them. Some of you did well. And I wrote the answer. And you couldn't see it from your seats, so you moved to the front of the whiteboard and sat on the floor.. Lol..

Please study harder about preposition of places. believe me, it's the easiest subject on Preposition.

Monday, April 14, 2014

Sitting back to back

Hi pals,

I'm in Grade 7.1. Today we talked about the furniture in your room. One student mentioned the furniture and the place of it. The other student should draw. Then they may exchange roles. At the end, they must do the correction by seeing each other's drawing. Most of them did good..

It's so much fun. because some of them couldn't understand what the partner said. I love this scene. Lol..

Friday, April 11, 2014

Furniture and Appliances

Hi pals,

Today in Grade 7.1 we learned about the furniture and appliances at home. So many words you must be able to memorize. Yes.. you must be able to say each name of the things. Actually it's the exercise you need to do in Unit 9. You need to sort all the things by writing them in each column given in your book. I know, it will be such a boring activity if you only write and write. It's easier if you do it in groups and in a game. This game is not in the Teacher's Book. I just made it. Lol..
So I printed all the names of the furniture and appliances. I also printed: Kitchen, Living Room, Dining Room, Bathroom, Bedroom. I made 5 sets.

After this game, you all must write on the column in your book. It's much easier, right?