Wednesday, October 9, 2013

The Visit of RAM EPP ACT Education

Hello guys,

Today we had a special guests, Ms. Rezia, RAM EPP ACT Education and Ms. Sella, the Marketing.
They both came in the morning by train. Mr. Petrus and I picked them up at Kejaksan Train Station, then headed to Empal Gentong near Plered. Hmm, so yummy, to have breakfast together.. :D

Then, we went to the school. We had a meeting with "Pengurus": Ms. Tien, Ms. Setiawati, and Ms. Lanny. It took place in meeting room of the Radion. I did the presentation of what we did during last semester and what we have done this semester. I showed some pictures and videos. 

Here we are in the meeting room:

Then Ms. Rezia and  I went to Terbang 2, to meet Ms. Erry. We wanted to say hi to the students and observed the teaching of Ms. Erry and Ms. Elisa.

Surprisingly, Ms. Rezia did the game in each class. 

This is the game of Boys and Girls in Grade 8:

And this was in Grade XI:

 In those 2 classes, Ms. Rezia asked:
1. "What is the most you like in EPP?"
2. "What is the least you like in EPP?"

For question number 1, they answered:
1. Role Play
2. Games

For question number 2, they answered:
1. Vocabularies
2. Journals

What about you, guys? What do you like most and least in EPP? Write down your answers in the comment box below..

Thanks, Ms. Rezia...

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