Monday, September 9, 2013

CERTIFICATES for Batch 1! Congratulations!!

Hello everyone,

Today was the big day. Today was a special day. I love everything about today in Sekolah Kristen Terang Bangsa, Cirebon. Why not?

Today was the celebration of accomplishing Level 1A and 1B for Batch 1. It took place in Gedung Gratia, where the students of SMP and SMA gathered. It started at 7 in the morning, for the Devotion. Sir Steve was the MC, then followed by Ms. Ina to deliver HIS words. I love the content, as it was to encourage the students that: "kepandaian tidak bisa hilang", seperti emas bisa hilang.

Then it was my time to say something and deliver the certificates. One by one. Here are the pictures:

This is me, opening speech, plus showing the slides of what Batch 1 had done last semester.

                                 This is Apriyani Manalu.

This is Doni Suprayitno

                                  This is Nova Gladys.

This is Farrell..

                                             This is Jojo..

This is Malvian.

                                         This is Nadya..

This is Nathasya.

                                          This is Martha.

This is Boines..

                                        This is Chintya..

This is Clara..

                                            This is Daud..

This is Daniel..

                                           This is Davor..

This is Denny.

                                            This is Stella.

This is Nuel..

                                         This is Kristin..

This is Regina..

                                             This is Aldo..

This is Viola..

                                       This is Zefanya..
With Ms. Ina and Batch 1

The Greatest Achievement Level 1A;
Nova Gladys.. Congrats, sweetie..

               The Most Stars Level 1A : Farrell

The Runner Most Stars level 1A: Nadya.
She's so diligent.

The Greatest Achievement Level 1B:
Davor Maldini.. Congrats, pal..

The Most Star Level 1B : Aldo.
The most diligent student..

The Runner Most Star Level 1B : Stella.
So proud of her achievement, day by day..

As a craft teacher, I appreciate Chintya's Portofolio. Hers were the best..

Praise The Lord, we could accomplish all the
assignments last semester..

                   I explained the meaning of each award..

These are my fave students. They are BFF, too..

Congratulations to all of you. Keep the spirit!!

Never forget: 10 vocabularies and 3 journals every week... 

God loves you..

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