Monday, September 9, 2013

Crossword of Professions - Level 1A

Hello everyone,

Today I was in Grade 7.1. This class is always noisy.. Hehehe... There are 2-3 students who enjoy talking all the time.. Doesn't your mouth feel tired?

Today we learnt: What do they do?

Irfan was the first to come to the board.

Followed by Kezya..

Albert never wanted to miss the chance.
Good effort!!

This is the view, every time the LCD is on, projecting the task to complete.
Hehehe.. Everyone always wants to SHOW his
ability to answer..
Always happy to see them like this.

Sometimes, I think that this class is still in the Elementary ambiance. Hey, guys, grow up! You are now in Junior School. 

Please, help me, by not talking in the class. Ok?

Keep the spirit!!

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