Wednesday, September 25, 2013

Games - (in a restaurant) What Would You Say If ... - Level 1 C

Hi guys,

Meet again!

Today was awesome. I was very glad to be able to finish one kind of the games of using English. The theme: In a restaurant, what would you say if .....

I learned to make the games last Saturday, September 21, 2013. The seminar was held by SPB. I joined the seminar by myself, not from school. Ms. Erry, Ms. Nanda and Ms. Herlina joined the seminar from the school. 

It was an amazing seminar. The speaker was Mr. Eran Williams. Amazing topic of the seminar that never been touched previously. And our school got 1 set of the real games, an original one. It is kept by Ms. Herlina.

This is the picture of Mr. Eran Williams that I met last April and last Saturday.

Me, Mr. Eran Williams, Ms. Erry and Ms. Herlina.

And take a look on the pictures below, where I was with several English teachers, playing the games.

On the right side: Mr. Whitney from SPB (who happens to be my daughter's teacher as well.. :D), and Ms. Ratna from Unswagati. On the left side: forgot the name, but she's from Primary school of Al Azhar.

To unscramble the words to form a meaningful sentence.

Well, the story hasn't started yet. Hehehe. And this morning, I was really inspired and was courageous to make one game using the theme taught in the book of EPP Level 1C. I didn't have the reference book. I just tried to remember what I learned last Saturday.

Here what I came up with:

I used 6 sheets of card stocks. I worked on 3 sheets simultaneously to save my time. I used the Distress Ink pads from Ranger.

I used this stamp set from Hero Arts to make the rectangle, the lovely brand I adore so much. 
See the amazing result..

I wrote one by one with markers in 4 colors.

Take a closer look on each questions to be answered. Just click the picture to see it in bigger size.

 Here the comparison. Before and after being written.

And this afternoon, I asked them to play the game. The purpose: to give hints on their mind the language they should use in being a customer and a waiter (a waitress), before they did the roleplay.

Look, how fun it was

I grouped the class. Each group has 3-4 students. Ideal amount to play the game.

This group was having so much fun. When one student drew the dice and came to the certain question, he should answer the question. When the next student drew the dice and came to the SAME space, he would kick the button of the student who previously occupied the space. So that student's button would go back to "Start". Hehehe..

They were serious but fun. Indeed.

 And after playing the game, I asked them to do a roleplay. It was actually a Speaking activity in the book. I delivered the real menus to 5 waiters and waitresses. They received one menu, and 2 pieces of notes to jot down the order from the customers. The rest were the customers. The menus and the sheets were from EPP TG book.

It was so much fun.

There were 5 "restaurants" and actually they could only play 2 times, but, they played 3 times (visited 3 "restaurants").. :D

What else can make you happier than playing a fun game? Even adults love games. I have lots lots of games at home. I made most of them when I was still teaching at LIA Pengadegan, Jakarta, and also, when I taught Radio Suara Gratia crews some years ago. 

I promise myself to play them with the students more often. I believe, through games, the students will be able to produce better English. Faster.. Just believe...

Keep the spirit, guys!!



  1. Dear Dwita,

    Thanks so much for sharing your excitement about DIY language games! Special thanks for the wonderful photos of the games you've made yourself and immediately used with your students!

    I'm an Englsh teacher from Belarus. I use the same kit of games too. And what I also love - I use ideas from the kit to make my own games to suit the needs of my students.

    Best wishes!



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