Thursday, September 12, 2013

Selling and buying - Level 1 B - Unit 3

Hi guys,

How's life? Need to charge your "battery" in learning English? Well, once in a while, we may do some crazy but educative things in the class. This is my class. This is your class. So, let's do it!

This afternoon, the class didn't have a break. But they went home at 2 o'clock. So, I planned this to happen in the class. In this unit, the students learned the container and how to sell and buy things. They had to use the expressions taught in this unit. To make it alive, I brought these real food to the class.

A loaf of bread, a packet of biscuit, a carton of milk, a pack of pears, a tub of yoghurt (forgot to bring), a bottle of water, a bar of chocolate

 These were the groups (4 groups)

The first group, busy distributing money, fake ones..

The second group, busy preparing things on the table

 The third group, busy dividing themselves as sellers and buyers

The fourth group, busy practicing the dialogs

At the end, we took the picture together. Then they enjoyed all the food they have played with. Enjoy, guys...

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